Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wind energy takes on grassroots momentum

Nancy and Jay Easterbrook Owners of DiveTech have installed a wind turbine at its dive shop and new condo development in West Bay.

Shurna Robbins
Published on Sunday, August 9, The Observer

For more than two decades, Paul Bodden has been working on getting his businesses and family completely off the power company’s grid.

A couple years ago, he spotted five used commercial wind turbines for sale from an established vendor’s Internet site he uses. He snapped them up and brought them on island.

Then about eight months ago, he moved into the house he built in Lower Valley. Still determined to be independent from the utilities company, the new house is not connected to CUC’s grid at all. Instead it is powered by diesel generators while he works on getting planning approval to hook up one wind turbine to his home...see full article.

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  1. Wind energy is pure green energy with zero pollution. Its also renewable.
    All nations should follow the path