Thursday, August 28, 2014

Small battery collection added to DEH recycling programme

Cayman 27
August 24, 2014

Small batteries are now being collected by the Department of Environmental Health’s (DEH) recycling programme. Batteries used in cellphones, cameras, pagers, two-way radios, calculators, small cordless tools, and other personal digital devices can be recycled.

This is in addition to the department’s current programme of collecting lead-acid batteries used in cars, boats, heavy equipment and other large vehicles.  The Ministry of Health, Sports, Youth & Culture (HSY&C) and the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) are urging everyone to support recycling.

Minister responsible for Environmental Health, Hon. Osbourne Bodden noted: “Recycling is a key component to reduce overall waste volume.  I am pleased that the Department of Environmental Health is adding another element to the recycling programme.”

The DEH is asking the public not to throw the batteries in the household trash, but to bring the batteries to the DEH battery recycling containers which will be located at the supermarkets, schools and central points throughout the three islands. Read the whole story here.