Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lumenhaus - Virginia Tech’s Smart Solar House

by Bridgette Meinhold
Posted August 21st, 2009

We’re getting excited about this year’s Solar Decathlon and love Virginia Tech’s zero-energy, smart house. Lumenhaus — which is a combination of Lumen, meaning power of light, and Haus, which is a reference to the Bauhaus architectural movement — is a high-tech home that will be sure to garner a lot of attention at the upcoming competition. In fact it’s only one of two US teams to be accepted into the Solar Decathlon Europe, where it will compete against teams from around the full story.

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  1. The use of the word "smart" to describe Virginia Tech's architectural masterpiece really defines how its energy saving system works wonders for the efficient use of energy for heating and cooling. They even showed an app that can control some of the systems installed in the house.

    Max Boughner