Saturday, July 24, 2010

Extension delays conservation bill

By: Norma Connolly |
Caymanian Compass

Environment minister Mark Scotland announced Thursday that the consultation period for the National Conservation Law will be extended by six weeks to 27 August.

The extended consultation period means the bill, which the minister had said was expected to go before the Legislative Council in September, will be delayed being voted into law by legislators.

The original month-long public consultation was scheduled to end on Friday, 16 July, but Mr. Scotland said several individuals, non-governmental organisations and community groups had indicated that they wanted to make contributions, so he extended the deadline.

A statement from the ministry on when the bill is now likely to go before legislators read: “The bill remains a priority for the ministry, but because the public consultation period has been extended, there will be an unavoidable delay in bringing the bill before the LA as government considers the public’s input.”

The Department of Environment has held seven public meetings and several other meetings and briefings with interested parties, such as developers, architects and the business community, during the most recent consultation period.

Read the full story here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Baby birds need help

Caymanian Compass
17 July 2010

When the Ching-chings start dive-bombing unsuspecting tourists walking through George Town, it is clearly nesting season.

Unfortunately, with nesting season come baby birds in need of help, and although Cayman Wildlife Rescue makes every attempt to restore nestlings to their wild families, this is not always possible.

The organisation is appealing for volunteers to hand-raise baby birds for release back into the wild. Read whole story here.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Keep those green bags clean

by Basia Pioro McGuire
Caymanian Compass
12 July 2010

More and more Cayman residents are turning to reusable grocery bags to take home their shopping, preventing at least a few plastic bags from ending up at Mt. Trashmore.

But since the reusable bags are being used for food, they need to be kept clean.

Dr. Monica Hoefert of the Seven Mile Medical Clinic notes that the bags join a host of other kitchen items like fridge doors, dish towels, and kitchen sponges, which all breed germs quite easily. Read whole story here.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tracking the Oil Spill in the Gulf

Click here to see the interactive oil spill tracker courtesty of The New York Times and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

5 Easy and Economical Ways to Green Up

As an American living in Grand Cayman, I notice that the 4th of July may come and go with less fanfare (though perhaps a few fireworks on Seven Mile Beach). Still, these handy tips from Inhabit are useful for any celebratory occasion. Check out the full article.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

National Conservation Law

The dates for the public meetings for comment on the proposed National Conservation Law have been announced by the Department of Environment. The first district meeting took place on Thursday, 1 July in Northside. The remaining six district meetings will be:

--Tuesday, 6 July: Bodden Town Primary School Hall, 7 – 9pm
--Thursday, 8 July: Elmslie Memorial Church Hall, George Town, 6 – 8pm
--Saturday, 10 July: National Trust House, Little Cayman, 7 – 9pm
--Monday, 12 July: John A. Cumber Hall, West Bay, 7 – 9pm
--Tuesday, 13 July: East End Community Centre, 7 – 9pm
--Thursday, 15 July: Aston Rutty Centre, Cayman Brac7 – 9pm

The Department of the Environment will explain the law and how it differs from the limited conservation law currently in force. For more information, read the full article or visit the DoE website to share your opinion via survey.