Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Today's Editorial for May 11: Gov't must lead green movement

Caymanian Compass

In an interesting outcome to a recent caycompass.com online poll, over two-thirds of the respondents said they conserved, but they knew they could be greener.

If one accepts the principle that acknowledgement is the first step in solving a problem, it seems the Cayman Islands populace would like to get greener. The problem is, the Cayman Islands Government isn’t on the same page.

As one of the poll respondents pointed out, nearly all of Cayman’s green initiatives are driven by the private sector, not the government. When it comes the being green, the government is no better than a pale shade of lime.

The country has a disgraceful landfill situation, with a towering mountain of trash dominating the George Town landscape. Pollutants leaching from the dump are poisoning the waters of one of Cayman’s most precious resources, the North Sound.

Although successive governments have commissioned expensive reports, paid for trips to multiple places abroad to learn about waste management, all we’ve heard is talk...read full story.

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