Friday, May 7, 2010

Cayman wants to be green

Caymanian Compass

The vast majority of respondents in last week’s online poll say that when it comes to being green, they conserve but admit they could be “greener”.

Of the 297 respondents, 204 - or 68 per cent - when asked how green they were, answered that they conserved energy, but could do more for the environment.

One respondent boasted that he was greener than most of his neighbours, while another said: “I am very conservative, not wasteful. Re-use!”

One respondent echoed a sentiment often repeated in Cayman. “It would be helpful if there were more options here for recycling.”

Nine of the respondents, or 3 per cent of those who took part, gave themselves a pat on the back, saying “They don’t come any greener than me”, while 26 people, or 9 per cent of respondents, insisted they were not green at all and don’t plan on turning full story.

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