Tuesday, May 11, 2010

dms Broadcasting joins green campaign

Cayman Net News

As environmental awareness takes center stage, dms Broadcasting station X107.1 is lending its voice to “Cayman Become’s” first green initiative – the plastic bag reduction campaign that runs through July.

“X107.1 is proud to be a sponsor of this initiative,” said X107.1 DJ and Programming Director Matt Nasby. “It is core to our business philosophy to lend our voice to causes that better Cayman and protect the future of our island.”

“Ensuring that the message is received by as many listeners as possible, we are featuring these community service announcements across all four of our dms Broadcasting stations.”

As a sponsor, X107.1 will promote a “greener mindset” for its listeners through a variety of ways, including guest speakers and community service announcements, such as “5 Things You Should Know” and “Completely Cayman.”

With more than 12 million plastic bags being disposed of each year in Grand Cayman, there is a rising concern about solid waste, Mr Nasby said, particularly because of the negative impact this will have on valuable marine resources and wildlife.

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