Sunday, January 24, 2010

Conservation law still up in the air

By: Basia McGuire Pioro
The Observer

The state of conservation in the Cayman Islands has been in flux in recent years, as government after government has made promises to enact a comprehensive conservation law that would protect Cayman’s natural areas.

In the most recent development, MLA Ellio Solomon announced on January 14 that the minister responsible for the Environment portfolio, Mark Scotland, hoped to revive the law and get it passed as soon as possible.

The Minister explained that he hopes to set in motion a process that will allow him to table a new version of the bill in the June session of the Legislative Assembly.

“Right now, we intend to start a public consultation process with key stakeholders like the tourism association, real estate association, and the National Trust, then move on to coordinating meetings with the general public.”

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