Monday, April 19, 2010

What's in your garbage?

By: Basio Pioro |
The Observer

The growing pile of trash at Mount Trashmore received about 1205 tons of residential waste in January alone - all those food containers, newspapers, and packaging we find ourselves innocently slinging into the bin all day long.

On Grand Cayman, there is an estimated 450 tons of all types of waste entering the George Town Landfill. Of this amount, approximately 225-250 tons per day are municipal garbage.

It’s all up to us to do our bit until recycling comes into play. So, what’s in your garbage?

Breaking it down
The Department of Environmental Health’s Leon Watson has noted a lot of the trash going to the landfill is plastic. Light, strong and cheap, it’s everywhere these days, and hard to avoid.

One strategy consumers have adopted in other jurisdictions is avoiding purchasing products that are packaged in plastic, avoiding plastic bags, or staying away from excessive packaging in general. Here in Cayman, a small step in that direction has been taken with Cayman BECOME, the new plastic bag reduction campaign launched by the Cayman Corporate Green Team full story.

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