Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cayman BECOME: Plastic Bag Reduction Campaign

As Earth Day 2010 approaches this month, an important initiative is being launched. The Corporate Green Team Network, a group of corporate representatives and some public sector agencies brought together through a partnership between the Department of Environment (DOE) and Deloitte Cayman, have joined forces to promote environmental responsibility through the reduction of plastic bag use in the Cayman Islands. Over 12 million of these bags are disposed of every year in Grand Cayman, which have a negative impact on our valuable marine resources and wildlife. This is why we encourage the community to bring their own bags when they shop, instead of using plastic. The major supermarkets in Grand Cayman - Fosters Food Fair, Hurley's, and Kirk Supermarket - are supporting CGTN's campaign by working with to reduce this type of waste. As part of this effort they will be doing the following:
  • The non-degradable plastic carrier bags currently supplied will be replaced by bio-degradable plastic bags.
  • As of Wednesday June 9th, a charge will be introduced for these biodegradable bags of 5 cents per bag.
  • Reusable bags will continue to be sold in the supermarket stores.
For more information about getting involved with the Cayman BECOME campaign, visit their website.

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