Monday, March 8, 2010

Trashing the marine environment

Eugene Bonthuys |
The Observer

Cayman’s environment suffers from many maladies. Whether destruction of habitat through development or pressure on ecosystems through food demands, many species face an uphill battle as they struggle to survive.

Unfortunately, discarded items like plastic bags and fishing line are causing many injuries and deaths in Cayman’s environment, affecting animals, birds and fish.

Not even Cayman’s iconic turtles are immune. Although some are taken intentionally during poaching, many others are injured or killed unintentionally.

“Turtles and other marine animals need a healthy marine environment and many careless actions such as anchoring in coral or dumping garbage have severe consequences. Even the seafood we choose off a menu has an impact,” says Janice Blumenthal of the Department of full story.

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