Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Conserving overseas territories

Published on Tuesday 9th June, 2009
Caymanian Compass

Volcano eruptions, invading reindeer and starving penguins were among the myriad subjects covered in just one session of a conservation conference of British Overseas Territories in Cayman this week.

The wide–ranging conference attracted speakers and delegates from as far afield as South Georgia near the Antarctic, South Africa and the Canary Islands in Spain.

A session early in the conference brought to light some of the expected, and unsual, effects that climate change is having on small island nations.

In introducing the session, former governor of the Cayman Islands, Bruce Dinwiddy, said: “I first became concerned about climate change 12 years ago when I saw first hand the effect of slowly rising sea levels on the British Indian Ocean Territory which is even lower and flatter than Grand Cayman.”...see full article.

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