Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As We See It: More Trash Talk

By Dave Schudel and Jack Benz

Published on Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Cayman Net News

A year ago we wrote two pieces all about our favourite Cayman attraction, its National Treasure – the George Town landfill, and it’s good to see it making the news again, but this time from a very different angle (quite literally). What an idea to get on a cruise ship and take a photo – a graphic view of what the real trouble is. And if you look on Google Earth, someone has helpfully posted the panorama on a blue flag over the landfill site.

This shouldn’t really be news. GBB (Gershman, Brickener & Bratton) showed an almost identical photo in their “Winter 2007-08 GBB Waste Outlook” after they had been selected by DEH to consult on waste-to-energy management of the site. And the landfill saga itself is a long-going one...see full article.

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