Friday, July 5, 2013

National Trust expands mastic reserve

National Trust for the Cayman Islands
July 2, 2013

An additional 8 acres has been added to the Mastic Reserve bringing the total amount of land protected by the National Trust in the Reserve to 843 acres. Aiming to protect and rejuvenate a very rare habitat of great importance to Grand Cayman and its biodiversity, the Trust hopes to acquire a total of 1,397 acres through additional fundraising for its Land Reserve Fund.

"The Mastic Reserve is key to the conservation of Cayman Islands biodiversity. Preserving this land is vital in protecting our native plants and animals. The forest performs many other functions; it enhances rainfall and reduces run-off, helping to maintain our groundwater and protect our reefs and it keeps the island cooler; it removes carbon and pollutants from the atmosphere, and it provides locals and visitors alike with a unique opportunity to connect with nature," said Stuart Mailer, Field Officer of the National Trust and renowned Mastic tour guide.

Guided tours of the Mastic Trail are available Tuesday through Friday, and occasional weekends. For details on the National Trust's Land Reserve Fund or guided Mastic tours contact or call 749-1121.

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