Friday, February 12, 2010

'Mt. Trashmore' - Government mulls 12 bids

Cayman Net News
February 3, 2010

The George Town landfill, commonly known as Mount Trashmore, is said to be the highest point in Grand Cayman, and has long been a cause for concern. Government is now considering proposals to convert the waste material into energy.

“We have received 12 proposals and we are looking to award a contract to a company who can convert the waste products into renewal energy production, and get rid of that dump,” said Premier Mckeeva Bush.

Landfills produce a steady stream of methane as heaps of biodegradable materials decompose. This can be tapped and used as fuel to run power generators and vehicles as a supplement to conventional energy production.

Mount Trashmore is estimated to be about 27 years old, and is located on a 58-acre, Government-owned parcel of land. It is clearly visible to cruise ship passengers entering Grand Cayman, and is quickly running out of full story.

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