Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Any old metal .... recycle it!

By: Basia Pioro McGuire basia@cfp.ky
The Observer

In a small place like Cayman it can often seem obvious what needs to be done when faced with certain situations.

Take disposing of scrap metal for example. Since the George Town dump, affectionately known as Mt. Trashmore, takes in waste metal, it’s the first place you might think to take your demolition waste, an old water heater or broken down stove.

But not all of the Island’s scrap is headed to the dump. National Recycling, a local business with East End roots has an alternative, and it seems to be working. Since the February, the company has succeeded in sending four containers full of steel, copper, brass and aluminium off Island to Miami.

It’s definitely a case of thinking locally, and acting globally...read full story.

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