Friday, July 11, 2014

Turtle Hatching begins on Little Cayman

Caymanian Compass
July 11, 2014

Little Cayman volunteers captured a rare moment on Saturday when they watched the first turtle nest hatching of the season. 

Volunteers with the Department of Environment’s Marine Turtle Research Conservation Program had been monitoring the nest as one of 30 on Little Cayman, and witnessed the last four turtles struggle out and make their way to the ocean.  
Volunteer and Southern Cross Club manager Jennifer Mills said although she has been a volunteer for 11 years, it was a rare opportunity to catch a hatching. 

“It was incredibly exciting because we watched the baby turtles take their first steps to the sea. To watch them go into the water - it’s a huge relief because you know they have at least made it that far and they have a long way to go,” Ms. Mills said. 

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