Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day: Celebrating 40 Years

The 5th edition of the Cayman Eco newsletter is now available to download from our blog and website. Managing Editor Tammy Kelderman provides an overview:

"Earth Day is 40 years old this year. By coincidence, it is this editor's 40th anniversary on the planet too. As I researched this issue of the Cayman Eco, I found myself reflecting on how far we have come since 1970. What struck me is the fact that Earth Day was founded way before plastic carrier bags were invented. It gave me hope that Earth Day will outlive plastic bags, just as it has outlived DDT, leaded fuel, and CFCs. With a little effort, we can curb our appetite for plastics, clean up our oceans, waterways and streets, and make harmful products a thing of the past. Life is a learning curve and sometimes the changes we need to make throughout our personal lives and throughout history are so obvious, once we make them we cannot believe we ever did things any other way."

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