Monday, May 4, 2009

The Scoop on Dolphins in Captivity

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  • Two dolphin facilities exist on Grand Cayman (one beside Boatswains Beach/Turtle Farm and the other in Morgan’s Harbour – both in West Bay).

  • Over 2,000 residents and tourists signed a petition in protest development of these facilities.

  • "Natural enclosure" dolphin facilities such as these are failing elsewhere in the world, where the feces of the dolphins kept in such an abnormally small area cause surrounding coral reefs and fish to die.

  • The Cayman Islands are commended internationally as an eco-tourism destination. Tourists pay thousands of dollars to enjoy our crystal clear, clean waters and abundant sea life because it is increasingly difficult to find such a place anywhere else on the planet.

  • Dolphins in captivity may damage our reputation and bring different tourists – those who don’t understand or appreciate our fragile environment. While Radisson Seven Seas Cruises® announced it will no longer offer dolphin encounter programs in any of its ports of call, no other cruise lines have followed suit.

  • Keeping animals in captivity is unnecessary, especially if they are captured solely for the entertainment of humans. Dolphins are seldom rescued but are instead captured and taken from their pods as part of what is widely regarded as an inhumane dolphin trade. To see video of a dolphin capture, log onto: and search “dolphin captivity”.

Check out to find out more about the negative impacts of keeping dolphins in captivity in the Cayman Islands and all around the world.

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